Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stag Nation Ultimate Frisbee Team Eliminated in two losses at Regionals

Just a Giant God Damned Pantload

Well, the frisbee season is officially over for my team, Stag Nation. Eliminated in two losses at teams we should definitely have beaten.

I started this stupid blog long after most of the season had already passed, and it almost doesn't pay to go into the many layers of ass-chapping disappointment that befell it. We were kinda screwed from the start, since soon into the season began there was a rash of injuries, guys moving out of town, and a few more who decided to leave and try out for the top team. All of those things are to be expected for a second-tier team, so I'm not bitter about that kind of obstacle; but for some reason, we never recovered.

Around the time that I got injured (tore my ACL, LCL, and both menisces), there was a serious attendence and quality dropoff at practice. A lot of unqualified guys were coming out to practice to pad the numbers, and the overall level of play lowered to pretty unacceptable levels. I don't blame the returning players for getting frustrated, but it was ALL of our responsibility to bring out new talent that could add to things, and we didn't step up early enough.

The killing blow was when one of our players -- someone who was weak and divisive from the outset -- started laying the groundwork for a new team without telling anyone on Stag whom he didn't plan to invite. He couldn't stand to work hard, had no patience for other players who he deemed to be beneath him in skill, and had an inflated ego that prevented him to submitting to any sort of leadership that didn't rely upon his opinion -- or knowledge of the game -- for every decision. He went about starting this new team in the most pussy way possible, privately approaching and inviting the guys he wanted and excluding the guys he didn' nobody even knew there was anything happening until it was too late.

Thus there were two second-tier teams from DC at regionals -- one was defensively dominant (us, Stag Nation), and the other was offensively superior (HOV Violators). Neither one had a prayer of beating a real team, and neither one did anything more than take up space at Regionals.

The guys who stuck with Stag throughout the season were hardworking, dedicated, talented players who just needed experience. They showed true sac when it would have been easier to just quit and go to co-ed or something.

This whole thing could have been avoided...we could have had a single, extremely competitive team consisting of the best of both groups, with a real chance of overturning strong teams. But because of the selfishness and short-sightedness of a few, every last one of us lost out.